HAKI Scaffolding

Ferokov is renting a high qualitative Haki scaffolding. Haki is a Swedish well known brand for production of scaffolding.

Designed standard

HAKI standard is designed to meet all current European regulations, directives and standards, and is ideally suited to modern scaffolding methods and production techniques.


HAKI Universal is a modular scaffolding for all types of applications, from the simple to the complicated. Suitable for even advanced constructions in building projects, industries, shipyards, offshore installations and refineries.

The scaffolding system is particularly flexible with respect to bay size and load class and is compatible with HAKI Ram and earlier HAKI generations.

More about Haki Universal

Download the brochure for scaffolding HAKI UNIVERSAL

Mounting of suspended scaffolding:

Scaffolding HAKI RAM

HAKI Ram is a quickly mounted narrow scaffold system with a complete range of brackets, access steps, etc. This system is fast and easy to mount and is appropriate for facade work.

HAKI Ram has a simple design with quickly mounted, closed frames. With lightweight stackable aluminium decking and self-bracing guardrail frames that do not need diagonal braces, the scaffold is speedily put up.

More about Haki RAM

Download the brochure for scaffolding HAKI RAM