New Potain Tower Crane MDT 219 is constructing the new gym hall in the primary school In Ljubljana.

Due to the needs of a big construction site in  Ljubljana-Vižmarje a brand new Potain Tower Crane MDT 219 has been purchased. A company Trgograd has started the project of a new gym in the primary school which will take 5 months.

Technical data of a new Potain Tower Crane MDT 219

The Tower Crane Potain MDT 219 is one of the most performant and advanced cranes in Slovenian market right now. Its capacities are amazing:

  • Jib length: 65 m
  • Height under hook: 30 m
  • Load capacities: up to 10 tons

The MDT 219 crane is equipped with the most versatile system called Crane Control System which enables a fast and easy start of the crane operation, an optimized and egonomic control over the crane functionning, as well as higher efficiency and performance. Its integrated system for crane diagnostics and remote crane care sets one of the highest security standards in the class.