FEROKOV together with its Serbian subsidiary K.I.G.O. started assisting in one of the main construction projects of significant importance for Serbian capital Belgrade – Belgrade Waterfront in the beginning of 2017. First the self-erecting cranes Potain HD 40 and Igo 85 were installed and afterwards the top-slewing cranes Potain MDT 109, MDT 178 and two Potain MDT 219. With the progression of works on the jobsite also the cranes were often relocated depending on the needs of the jobsite. More on Potain tower cranes here.

The most complex construction interventions are being undertaken at the moment, therefore the organisation of works and workers is very stringent to be able to cope with ambitious timeplan. Beside the workers also the contruction mechanisation continues working 24/7 in this part of the Balkans. A few dozens of machines never stop the engines, as well as the construction material is being transferred from floor to floor by even 5 tower cranes.

All Potain cranes are working on the plot 18, this means also on the Belgrade Waterfront Residencesfacility which is going to be one of the most modern housing residences, and are at the highest point at 72 meters overlooking the Sava river,  the largest Belgrade park Kalemegdan, the river island Ada Ciganlia and the panorama of the capital. The A tower, which is one of the residential towers of „BW Residences“ is progressing as planned and will stand at 168 meters tall and will be the tallest structure in Serbia and the region as whole.

The company STRABAG d.o.o. as a main construction company involved the company K.I.G.O., which is the subsidiary company of Ferokov Slovenia, to cooperate in this project as the crane provider fulfilling all the needs of this project.

‚‚Our objective is to respect the given timeplan in which we are suceeding thanks to the right selection of the cranes provided by the company K.I.G.O. This is important to ensure the efficiency of works and involve highly qualified crane operators as well, „ said Vladimir Stefanović, project manager for Belgrade Waterfront at Strabag d.o.o.

‚‚We are honoured to have earned confidence to perform the works for such a unique project in Serbia. For us this represents a big challenge and we are proud to be a part of such an important project. We are doing our best to meet all the deadlines and to perform the construction works at the high level of professionalism and security, said Mr. Sebastian David, general manager at K.I.G.O.

„We are glad to see such valuable projects undergoing in Serbia which is a clear signal that our perspective and vision for this part of Balkan region are well defined. Thanks to our skilled technial team from Slovenia and Serbia as well as to the positive support from the Manitowoc Cranes group team,“ said Mr. Boštjan Krivec, General Manager at Ferokov d.o.o.

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